3D printing (not only) in space

10. 11. 2021, 9:00-9:35

Have you or your parents ever had a blender, drill, or other tool that you just needed break and you had to go buy it again? Now imagine you’re on Mars and the nearest store is 75 million miles away! And have you ever wondered how and what would be used to build colonies for space settlers on the Moon and Mars, when it would cost at least millions of crowns to transport each kilogram of material there? 3D printing will solve a lot of these problems. In this lecture you will learn what 3D printing is, how you can easily model almost anything you can think of and turn it into reality. And maybe we’ll even help your school get a free 3D printer so you can play with and print useful space objects!

You can watch the talk at the link below: 3D printing (not only) in space LIVE.

A recording will be available for viewing after the lecture here.

Presented by Tomáš Kapler from ESA ESERO / SCIENCE IN

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