Gate2Space 2021 Conference

8. 11. 2021, 15:00-18:00

The event is intended for representatives of space companies and academic entities who want to learn more about the involvement of Czech entities in space activities and to cooperate with ESA. The 8th Gate2Space conference is organised by the Technology Centre of the CAS in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.

The main objective of the conference is to inform about opportunities in the field of companies’ involvement in ESA programmes, other programmes of other institutions and an overview of support from the Technology Centre of the CAS. You can also listen to a lecture on technology transfer with ESA, Spark funding opportunities, a lecture on the development of innovation capacity of SME companies, Enterprise Europe Network and cooperation with European research infrastructures.

You can follow the conference via the following link: Gate2Space LIVE.

Presented by Pavel Habarta.


15:00 Involvement of the Czech Republic in space activities Václav Kobera, MD ČR
15:08 Information on ESA programmes and temporarily exhausted allocation for the Czech Republic Ondřej Rohlík, MD ČR
15:10 ESA Technology Broker Pavel Habarta, TC AV ČR
15:25 ESA Spark Funding Pavel Habarta, TC AV ČR
15:40 Space cooperation in Europe, new programmes, initiatives, partnerships Ondřej Šváb, MD ČR
15:55 Earth Observation Ondřej Šváb, MD ČR
16:10 Opportunities in ESA and EU satellite navigation and telecommunications programmes Josef Šobra, MD ČR
16:25 Space in Horizon Europe Ondřej Mirovský, TC AV ČR
16:40 EEN and TC CAS services Silvia Jirásková, TC AV ČR
16:55 Direction of the Czech Republic in the field of space activities in 2022 Václav Kobera, MD ČR
17:05 Discussion with representatives of the Czech delegation of the ESA space programme in the Czech Republic and the EU
18:00 Summary

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