Talkshow with Frank Salzgeber

10. 11. 2021, 6 p.m.

What does the European Space Agency (ESA) actually do and how is it different from the better known NASA? Why is ESA involved in start-ups, how does it do it and for how long? How is the Czech incubator ESA BIC and other Czech space activities and projects evaluated? Frank Salzgeber will answer these questions and many more in the talk show “Give me some SPACE”. He will be interviewed by Katka Syslová

LIVE stream is available on this link.

Who is Frank Salzgeber?

Head of Innovation and Ventures Office

Frank Salzgeber is overseeing the largest Space Entrepreneurship network in the world. His team has initiated over 360 industry transfers, supported nearly 1000 start-ups. He supports the exploitation of the ESA patent portfolio and promotes the ESA BA (Business Applications) offer of ESA which have supported additional overt 600 business cases. In the next 3 years ESA Space Solutions will invest 220 Mio Euro in seed.

Prior to this post he was the Head of Technology Transfer and Business Incubation and Head of the Commercial Development in the European Astronaut Department of the Directorate of Human Spaceflight Microgravity and Exploration at the European Space Agency.

Before joining ESA, Frank held the position of Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO and CFO) for an IT start-up, headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company was merged with CANCOM SA.

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