That the water is not blue, the sun is not yellow and the stars are not white dots in the sky

11. 11. 2021, 10:00-10:35

The sun changes colour at different times of the year and during the day. At sunrise and sunset the sun turns orange to red, and in winter at midday its rays are lighter in hue than in summer. It all depends on the length and quality of the environment through which the sunlight travels to reach us. If we were to look at the Sun from space, it would appear white to us because it contains all the colours of the rainbow. But white sunlight breaks down into individual colours as it passes through the atmosphere.

It appears yellow to us from the surface of the Earth only because we perceive it in contrast to the blue of the sky. At sunset and sunrise, orange and red. Do you know why?

You can watch the lecture at the following link: That the water is not blue LIVE.

A recording will be available for viewing after the lecture here.

Presented by Lenka Trojanová from Planetum Praha.

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